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Nano Energizer Platinum Ceramic Engine Restoration - Engine Lubricant

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By applying Nano Energizer you are giving the engine a ceramic platinum coating. Designed for Cars, Trucks, High performance vehicles, Motorbikes, Tractors, Heavy industrial machinery, Lawnmowers, Large boats, Compressors, Bearings, Gear Box, Transmission Case and Various Types of Industrial Equipment. The Nano Energizer uses Revolutionary & Patented Nano Ceramic Technology It allows for easy Treatment of Engines and Restores, Repairs & Protects. This is not just another oil additive.

The ceramic material used for the engine coating needs to have a low thermal conductivity and a high temperature stability, matched with thermal expansion which then bonds with the metal of the engine. Nano Energizer forms a durable bond with engine’s metal adding a high wear resistance and also corrosion resistance.

Nano Energizer Benefits:

- Massive SAVINGS for fleet owners
- Smoother, quieter engine
- More power and better economy
- Fuel savings up to 8-21% (up to 40% in idle mode)
- 5 times lowered noise and vibration levels
- Restores friction and protects against wear
- Lasts up to 50,000 km
- Reduces running costs.
- 100 times reduction of the friction coefficient
- Increased oil pressure & greater combustibility
- Brings engine power up to 100%
- 3-9 times reduction in CO and CH in the exhaust.
- Good for the environment.
- Safe & Guaranteed

nano energizer

Nano Energizer All-in-One type (30ml pouch), Engine, Tranny, Gearbox, Diff and Power Steering etc...

Product: Nano Energizer (NanoE) for All-in-One type (30ml pouch)

Engine Ceramic Coating Solution

Platinum coated high concentrated 20nm Nano ceramic powder,

Complete coating with just one time injection into oil filer.

Applied to any type of engine: gasoline & diesel with 4 – 10 liter oil capacity.

Recommended to change new Nano energizer upon running 30,000Km – 50,000Km.

Wear resistance of the protective coating is guaranteed within 1 year at any running.

Fuel savings up to 8-21 %(up to 40% in idle mode)
5 times lowered noise and vibration levels
Restores friction surfaces and protects against wear
100 times reduction of the friction coefficient
Increased oil pressure & great combustibility
Brings engine power up to 100%
3-9 times reduction in CO and CH in the exhaust
good for the environment
safe & guaranteed

Nano Energizer (NanoE) for Smaller Engine (30ml pouch)

Engine Ceramic Coating Solution

Less than any type of 600CC engine: motorbike, 3 wheeler.

Applied to any type of smaller engine: gasoline & diesel

Compressor & bearing for 3-9liter oil bath capacity.

Gear box & Transmission case for 3-9 liter oil capacity

How to Use: Warm up engine & Shake NanoEnergizer enough before injection.

Open oil filler cap and inject NanoEnergizer into engine oil & close oil cap.

Available to be injected to any type of engine oil.

Minimum Q’ty of Order: 1,200 Pouch Dealer (RaZor Technologies can supply 600 pouches for a start)

Price List: Wholesale & Suggested Retail in USD

Enquiries: Order/Dealer:

Inject Nano Restoration into Engine_Tranny_GearBoxes_Diff_PowerSteering_etc.
Bring your Vehicle back to 100% Tight and responsive, the more you drive the better it gets... great for older vehicles too!

Worldwide: PayPal, USA: Bank of America (any branch) A/C #898000878949 and :FCB (any branch) A/C #1490499.

Bulk and Dealer Request, Bank Wire (TT), Payment.

nano energizer

Skype: gm0786

New York: 718 374 2369

Florida: 561 200 7603 / 786 704 9716

Caribbean: 868 222 3971 / 868 749 6800 / 868 487 1000

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