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Contact Person: Mr. Farouk Ali  
Business Name: RaZor Technologies (Caribbean) Co; Ltd.
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Poultry Scalders, Pickers and Line Equipment Poultry Scalding, Pickers-Plucking Machines. Always in Stock for immediate shipping.

ASHLEY SURE-PICK & ASHLEY SURE-SCALD Poultry Equipment Models are the best on the Planet!

SP-38 3 HP 38" 60 lbs. 43" Automatic 42 "x48 "x68" 800# (Top Motor).

SP-38 Sure-Pick: Built-in Feather Exhaust 0-5 minute push button automatic start and re-set Shipped Fully assembled and ready to use Automatic un-loading door 38 Drum 40 lb capacity Optional catch table BIRDS PER HOUR: 800-1000 Broilers 800-1000 Pheasants 250-300 Turkey Hens 800-1000 Ducks 125 Turkey Toms 1800 Quail.

This unit is design with the high volume producer in mind.
Couple the SP-38 with the SS-48 Scalder and you will be able to process a thousand birds or more per hour.
Proven Performer Worldwide for Over 40 Years These reliable Ashley Sure-Picks are unexcelled in quality and service.

They are available in three sizes: Model SP-23, SP-30, and SP-38. They will pick to perfection, fryers, fowl, game birds and turkeys. Ashley Machine Company has been manufacturing quality poultry dressing equipment for over 40 years, and feels that the Sure-Pick is one of the leaders of their complete line of dressing equipment.
The feather exhaust, a feature developed by Ashley, helps the processor with feather handling problems. The Automatic Unloading Door is self-closing.
The door latch is operated by the start button, which simultaneously starts the time and opens the automatic water valve. The work shelf, feather exhaust, and automatic door are standard features; however adjustable legs and catch table are optional. 
Small, and Comercial Meat/Poultry, Fish Cutting Machines. Peelers, Slicers or any possible Machine. We Brand Poultry Picking/Plucking Machines for you OEM. Get your own Brand(s), to Market worldwide! 

OEM-ODM Contract Manufacturing "Just For You" anytime, we usually check our emails on a daily basis, 7-days a week, unless otherwise mentioned on flight and etc.

Skype: gm0786

New York: 718 374 2369

Florida: 561 200 7603 / 786 704 9716

Caribbean: 868 222 3971 / 868 749 6800 / 868 487 1000

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