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Category: Safety-Security-Disaster
Contact Person: Mr. Farouk Ali  
Business Name: RaZor Technologies (Caribbean) Co; Ltd.
Email: fg@razorinnovation.com
Phone #: 7867049716
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Country: USA  
WebSite: http://www.razorinnovation.com
Price: On Request
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Wireless Auto UltraSonic AlarmClub, alert you from up to 2.5Km - Wireless Alarm, GSM Alarm, AlarmClub Everything Proof!

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International Patented licensed Locking system that even the world famous car burglars can not break through! Security of Vehicle: This Locking System is as efficient as the 9-pieces of chips money storage lockers used in Banks/Casinos etc. Safety: 100% harmless towards the vehicles electronic devices.

Guarantee: 1 Year (Free Service for any problem with the Car Lock and Pager, if not on purpose). Loss of Pager or Lock: Unlimited Service from the manufacturer. MODELS: RZT-501-UltraSonic Steering Wheel Alarm Lock, RZT-601_Air Pressure Steering Wheel Lock with Pager, RZT-603_UltraSonic Steering Wheel Alarm Lock with Pager, RZT-605-UltraSonic & Air Pressure Steering Wheel Lock with Pager and RZT-606_UltraSonic & Air Pressure Steering Wheel Lock with Pager and GSM Transmission Device.
Ask us about our MotorCycle Wireless Model(s).

Additional Description:
FEATURING: Automatic 120dB Blast Alarm. Built-in Shock, Air Pressure, UltraSonic Wave and GSM Transmission Device (Optional).
Signal would be sent to Pager right away within a distance of 2.5Km in open LoS. ICONS: Include, Saw-proof, Hammer-proof, Water-proof, Electric Shock-proof, 120dB Alarm, Distance 2.5Km, Postpone 30secs, Sleep Mode, Anti-Drive away, Wireless, Car-Crash, Break-in Alert, Door being open, Warning light, Burglar Alert, Children left in car, Tyres being removed, Towing warning and Window Break Alarm etc.

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