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Contact Person: Mr. Farouk Ali  
Business Name: RaZor Technologies (Caribbean) Co; Ltd.
Phone #: 0017183742369
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DoorScope - Security Product 2 3/8 - Quick, accurate and reliable identification of all visitors, easy installation, durable and inexpensive way to Secure & Protect your Loved ones, and Property!                            The Door Scope: Not a peephole, it’s a Security Product!

Door Scope: Quick, accurate and reliable identification of all visitors, easy installation, durable and inexpensive.

Door Scope is a revolutionary new Security Device that can be easily installed on Wood, Fibreglass, or Metal Doors.

It is designed to replace the standard peephole and give you the peace of mind of clearly seeing who is visiting. Unlike a conventional peephole, you can stand up to 2-3m back from the door to safely see out. Utilizing prism optics, the Door Viewer projects the outside image onto the view screen while maintaining your privacy and protection. You can see clearly out while visitors cannot see in. Children and those in wheelchairs love the Door Viewer since they can see out without having to reach up to a peephole, alerting others of their presence. Banks use them as well!

More Specifications:

1) 6050---60mm is the diameter of hole in the door for door viewer; 50mm is the diameter of the viewing range of door viewer, used in the door of 50mm thickness.
2) Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm):110*80*80mm GW/NW: 350g/300g Characteristics:
a) Optical systems adopt complete optical lens and you can get clear and stable image
b) Visual angle may reach 120° for easy observation
c) Its metal shell is firm and solid and fire-proof.
d) Special installation structure can effectively prevent the outside demolition of door viewer
There are three colours for your choice: black, golden, silver (Metal) and Five colours in Plastic: Black (Charcoal), White, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Sizes include 1 5/8” and 2 3/8” View-Screens. We provide OEM Packaging/Branding.

Skype: gm0786

New York: 718 374 2369

Florida: 561 200 7603 / 786 704 9716

Caribbean: 868 222 3971 / 868 749 6800 / 868 487 1000

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