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Magnetic Oil Filter System 

What is Nano Energizer

Magnetic Oil Filter System 

Where 2 Use Nano Energizer

Magnetic Oil Filter System 

Technical Data

Magnetic Oil Filter System 

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How do I use nano energizer?
  • You simply add a sachet of nano energizer to your engine oil
    Warm engine before pouring in nano energizer. Remove Oil filler cap.
    shake the pouch well before opening and adding.
    Once you have added nano energizer, replace cap onto engine. application is complete.

How much do I need?
  • One sachet for engines with 4-10 litres of oil (most cars) or 2 sachets for up to 25 litres and so on.
    cars , trucks, motor bikes. Buy now and give it a try.

What can I use it in?
  • Any mechanical engine or gearbox that has oil.

  Does it work instantly?
  • NO- the coating cycle takes approximately 1500km
    many people have notice the benefits beginning within the first 500km

How much does it cost?
  • We sell to you the customer direct, and you BUY NOW and we send tomorrow.
    WHOLE SALE - If you are looking at treating a large number of trucks and a fleet contact

    Prices are on the buy now page.

Is it guaranteed to work?
  • yes, the results are proven. please read testimonies. but the best is that you buy now, you can have it working in your car in a few days.
    it real is well worth what you pay, and the savings can be great.

Has it been tested?
Do I need to redo with each oil change?
  • No, once nano energizer has completed its coating cycle (approximately 1500 km) you can replace the oil.
    Always follow engine manufactures oil requirements and changes. Reapplying nano energizer every 30,000 -40,000 km
    to maintain optimum benefits.

when should I redo it?
  • Reapplying nano energizer every 30,000 -40,000 km
    to maintain optimum benefits.

Which one do I need?


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