nano energizer
nano energizer
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Magnetic Oil Filter System 

What is Nano Energizer

Magnetic Oil Filter System 

Where 2 Use Nano Energizer

Magnetic Oil Filter System 

Technical Data

Magnetic Oil Filter System 

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How Does Nano Energizer work?

What is Nano Energizer


Where to use Nano energizer.

Technical Data

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By applying Nano Energizer you are giving the engine a ceramic platinum coating.
With this coating the efficiency of an Internal Combustion Engine can be increased.

Higher efficiency of the engine is reflected in improved performance such as:
- reduced fuel consumption
- increased power output
- reduced noise and vibration
- reduced oil burning
- reduced air pollution.

How to use One pouch injection:

Nano Energizer can be used in any type of engine with 4-10L oil capacity
Suitable with gasoline, Diesel & CNG vehicles.
Two pouch injection: Any type of Big engine up to 25 litre oil capacity Injection method:


Warm up engine & shake Nano engergizer sachet before injection.

Open oil filter cap and inject nano energizer in to engine oil

Close filter cap

nano energizer is available to be injected in any type of engine oil

It will take around 1500 kilometres for nano energizer to completely coat the surfaces and have full effect.

nano energizer

The ceramic material used for the engine coating needs to have a low thermal conductivity and a high temperature stability,
matched with thermal expansion which then bonds with the metal of the engine.

Nano Energizer forms a durable bond with engine's metal adding a high wear resistance and also corrosion resistance.


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